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We don't buy junk. We don't sell junk. We don't pawn junk. We don't deal in junk.
BUT we will buy or pawn quality goods for the best prices around.

 WE PAY or LEND CA$H lots of lovely lolly on

ANTIQUES... Paintings, furniture, jewellery, bric-a-brac, collectibles, memorabilia.
AMPLIFIERS... Stereo, surround, public address, guitar, keyboard, combo, heads.
APPLIANCES... All those electric handy household helpers.
BICYCLES... Mountain, motorized, kids.
BINOCULARS... Small to large. Zoom.
CAMERAS... Video, SLR, large format, pocket zooms, lenses, flash guns, tripods, accessories.
CAMCORDERS... VHS, compactVHS, superVHS, 8mm, digital, accessories.
CAMPING GEAR... Back packs, stoves, lanterns, lights, quality tents & sleeping bags, accessories.
CB RADIOS... 27 meg, U.H.F., scanning, communication transceivers, power supplies.
C.D.'s... Over 1000 in stock at any one time.
COMPUTERS... Late model only, plus modems, software, speakers, accessories.
DIAMONDS... Large to small. If it sparkles we deal in it.
DISCMANS... Portable, rechargeable, anti shock
EFFECTS PEDALS... Digital, analogue, vintage, rack mount, multi.
ELECTRONICS... All those Gadgets and Gizmos that make our life easier.
FAX... Plain paper, phone, answering machine, fax phone switches.
FISHING RODS... Boat, game, jetty, surf, telescopic.
FISHING REELS... Overhead, spinning, game, sidecaster, baitcaster.
GAMES CONSOLES... Nintendo 64, Playstation, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn , accessories.
GARDEN TOOLS... If it's to do with plants we deal in it. Wheelbarrows, trolleys, ladders.
GOLD... Chains, bracelets, bangles, rings, broken pieces, scrap, nuggets.
GUITARS... If you can strum it we deal in it. acoustic, steel, bass, electric, vintage.
HANDHELD GAMES... Gameboy, pocket gameboy, games, accessories.
HANDTOOLS... Tool chest, cabinet, sets, Sidchrome.
HYDROPONICS... Lights, ballast, reflectors, cabinets, accessories.
JEWELLERY... All those Gold & Precious trinkets & baubles for all tastes and budgets.
KEYBOARDS... Synthesizers, midi, professional, home.
KNIVES... Chef, oriental, samurai, swiss, german, US, pocket, sheath, swords.
MICROPHONES...Professional, cordless, karaoke, lapel, public address.
MIDI EQUIPMENT... Keyboards, triggers, sequencers.
MICROWAVES... Carousel, convection, compact, large.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS... If you can play it, we deal in it.
ORGANIZERS... Electronic dictionaries, digital diaries, scientific.
PIECOSTS... With and without.
PRECIOUS STONES... Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, more...
PROFESSIONAL AUDIO... Mixers, FX units, multi track recorders, sequencers, drum machines, rhythm machines.
POWER TOOLS... If it goes buzzzzz, we deal in it. Professional, handyman, rechargeable, more.
RADIOS... Workshop, short wave, mantle, with cassette, clock.
SCANNERS... Image, radio frequency.
SPEAKERS... Stereo, surround, public address, bins, center, compact, sub woofer.
STEREOS... Components, midi & micro systems, portable.
TELESCOPES... Terrestrial, astronomical, spotting, zoom & accessories.
TELEVISIONS... Colour, small to large. Smaller black & whites.
VIDEO CAMERAS... VHS, compactVHS, superVHS, 8mm, accessories.
VIDEO RECORDERS... 2, 3, 4 & 6head, stereo, long play, multi system, G-code.
WALKMANS... Stereo, recordable, rechargeable, micro, mini, auto reverse.
WATCHES... Swiss, quality japanese, gold, silver, pocket, wrist, good order and quality only.

Of course this is only a small sample of what a Pawnbroker may handle.

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