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The following section relates to our business and how we trade with regard to the laws of South Australia which have been changed. (1st March 1998). Remember, not all pawnbrokers are the same. Ask a pawnbroker about how he trades and his terms before you use him. Some are better than others but, then again, so are some customers.


These goods are not yours and it is a criminal offense to pawn or sell them. If you do sell any encumbered or stolen good to a pawnbroker not only will you be charged with fraudulent conversion or dealing in stolen goods but the pawnbroker will have you charged for falsely representing the goods as yours. The law can also apply a penalty of up to $10,000 for using false ID or making false statements to a dealer. He may also hire a Commercial Agent to recover his money. It can get pretty heavy.
   If you think a pawnbroker is an easy mark, think again, because most of us have seen it all and can generally smell a rat within the first 5 seconds. Make no mistake about that. We actively cooperate with the police. No self respecting pawnbroker will jeopardize his reputation or his business by knowingly dealing in stolen goods. For me, my business is worth a hell of a lot more than a couple of suspect TV's.
 We are obliged by law to hold all Second Hand goods for 10 days before we can do anything with them. This should give the authorities time to check our register with their DATA BASE of stolen goods.
   The other side of the coin is that if you do the right thing by your local pawnbroker you will generally find him to be be a honest, straight forward business man with a family and feelings, that is prepared to stretch the point with a good customer.

for honest and fair trading

Our terms... these apply mainly to pawnbroking as the rest is pretty self explanatory.

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