Construction of Wromg Button Eds

Dual Vapour and Liquid Management Still Head


I had a 300mm x 50mm tube for the top of the column. I figure that as I need a vapour zone at the top of my column, I might as well use it to my advantage. I intend to use it on a 750 mm x 50mm column packed to the TOP with scrubbers. The total height of the column and distillation head should be just over 1 meter.  I reckon that's an improvement of 300 to 400mm on most peoples columns.
You can see how it's taking shape.
Note the ubiquitous orange bucket. Always have a fresh full bucket of water when you solder. I use it for quenching all the time but the more importantly I use when I burn myself. And you will, too. To be able to plunge your hand straight into cold water after a burn is.....well what can I say....relief. Not only that but the faster you can get your hand in, the less serious and painful the burn will be. Trust me on this. I've had a lot of experience.