Construction of Wromg Button Eds

Dual Vapour and Liquid Management Still Head


The tubes were cut 5mm oversize to allow for easier soldering. It doen't matter if they're slightly too long as the next picture will show.
Although I live in a metric country a lot of our copper pipe is supplied in imperial (inch) sizes so it can be confusing. I figure near enough is good enough.
When I build, I allow as much tolerance as possible. I don't have a machine shop, so a lot of things are done by hand and eye. The more 'fudge factor' the better as it allows for slight mistakes. No "1% tolerance" with me. But if you're careful, you can do pretty neat work.
I used water inlets and outlets on the side of the firebox for convenience instead of the top and bottom. You could use a couple of the inside tubes for this job, just cut them longer and adjust your design.