Construction of a Dual Vapour and Liquid Managment Still Head


So there it is. I mucked around with the reflux ratios before I got serious. Settled on a power setting to give me 70mls per minute at full liquid reflux. Then I let the column settle down, pulled the foreshots off at 2 mls per minute on the vapour side, then pulled off the rest at 7 to 8 mls per minute. I know that that's a bit fast, but it worked superbly. That's the only word for it. The middle 3 litres are the best I've ever pulled out of a still. 95.5% of the cleanest tasting stuff I've ever tasted. I had to look really hard for any "bad taste". I've had higher ethanol percentages but never as clean. When the tails started I switched to liquid management and stripped the rest

HERE'S A BONUS. The breather holes worked perfectly. They also allowed me to smell what was actually being distilled. You got a very small amount of vapour out the tube. Just enough to smell. This allowed me to judge when the heads finished and the tails started without any effort. When it was in the middle of the run there was no smell. Before and after you could clearly smell that unwanted shit. CLICK HERE TO SEE.

I did make one mistake in that I changed my column packing procedure. I had built a scrubber loader that puts the scrubbers in very evenly which may account for some of the "purity". I should have done it on the next run, so that I had a more standard test; and not introduced an extra variable.

The system ran on 400mls per minute of water.

During the run the tempreture settled on 79.2C. A bit higher than I'm used to but I've notice, in the 4 heads I've built, that as it gets more complex , the higher the working temp. Could be because of a slight pressure build up as you add more tubing.

So there you go. I can't tell you the relief and joy I felt when it did 'the business'.

A few more pages to follow if you are planning to build this type of head.