Construction of Wromg Button Eds

Dual Vapour and Liquid Management Still Head


All the plans have been adjusted and things are going fine.
When you have to bend tubing sharply 3 things are important if you have no proper bending tools.
1. Use 'annealed' copper which comes in coils, not 'hard drawn' which comes in straight lengths. It's been made to bend.
2. Anneal the copper again. Heat it to a red heat then allow it to cool for a while before quenching. It should bend with the slightest pressure. If you make a mistake in your bending go throught the process again before you try rebending otherwise your piece will have 'work hardend' and will not bend where you want it.
3. Fill the tube with fine dry sand around the bending area. This will stop most of the collapsing that happens if the bend is tight.