Construction of Wromg Button Eds

Dual Vapour and Liquid Management Still Head


It all started when I built a vapour managment system as per Mike Nixons "The Compleat Distiller" appendix 6.
During the constuction phase it occurred to me that I should be able to build a liquid managment and vapour managment still head in one unit. At the time I didn't have any idea if it would have any benefits. I did it because I could.
It turns out that it does have advantages.
Here is my second effort after some rebuilding and some excellent help from Mike Nixon.

Basically it's a Nixon Cactus Head Liquid managment system on the left hand side.
The right side is the Vapour management system using a Liebig Condenser.
I could now compare the 2 systems directly. I use the Vapour system to distill and the Liquid system to strip.
I also use the LM side to work out reflux rates. I adjust the power so that I get 50-60ml per minute out the LM side when fully open. Then I shut that side down and open the VM side and draw off 5-6 ml per minute. A perfect 10% reflux ratio.
This sytem work extremely well and if you're thinking of building a new head, I can recommend something like this.
It seems a common complaint that this type of column still is to high. This rig is 8ft high.
It occured to me that all columns have a vapour zone at the top. If I could use the zone to build my head I'd reduce the total still height.

So the planning started.....

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

The last design is it. I could have built a much simpler system but decided that I like the idea of symmetry.
This means I could use either side for VM or LM....... STEREO  ( could be a radio station )
Firebox condensers would allow for a shorter system.
The following constuction story is about an untried idea. In the end it may not work and need modification. It is a 'fast track' plan in that a lot of actual design work will be done as I build. I am trying to write these pages as I build so the end result could be different than what you see here. You'll just have to read on and see how it turns out.

As you go through the pages you'll see some things in italics. Like the following....
If you plan to work in copper and brass on this scale you WILL need oxy-acetylene equipment. LPG, propane, butane are not hot enough unless you can get some oxygen into it. MAP gas is far too expensive for the amount you will use.
They are my hints and ideas about how I do certain jobs. In some cases there may be better ways to do things. Let me know.