Construction of a Dual Vapour and Liquid Managment Still Head


Distillation......what a hobby? I'm eternally grateful for that moment of inspiration, when it occured to me that building a still could be interesting. For a long time I had been working with brass making small models, sundials, catapults (wee little ones) and the like. I was looking for something to get my teeth into. A bigger canvas. Little did I suspect the wonderous door that still building would open.
There are not a lot of areas in our world that are unexplored. Now days most virgin territory can only be explored with half a dozen Phd's and pots of money. The days of the intrepid inventor/explorer are almost gone. Not so in the esoteric world of hobby distilling. You just have to look at the disilling news groups to see some quite amazing creativity. The bloke sitting in his shed with a few tools, imagination, a drink in his hand; can make a difference. Most of us probably like a tipple or two, but I have noticed in a few polls, the main motivation is not cheap booze, but the science, creativity, new ideas etc. To do something original, to be on the cutting edge is my main motivation.
So now, a boiler, a power controller, a flow meter, 2 filters, a large charcoal filtration & regeneration system, and 3 still heads along, I am building this baby. In no way am I saying this is the be all & end all of still heads. It's just another step in the journey we are all taking. None of the principles I'm using are new. I've just put them together in a different way hoping to be creative, expand my knowledge, maybe get a pleasant suprise or two, to feed my own ego, and to make good booze! In that order.
You may find I'm wrong in certain areas. I'm no scientist or metalsmith. But I suppose that is the joy. I don't have to be either to be able to build something that's "out there".




P.S.      I've spent a bit of time doing these pages and building the head. These pages and photos are mine © 2002. If you do want to use them please be kind enough to email ( ) me first. I don't intend to be difficult about it but I'd like to know what's happening to them.